As individuals, Lions are people of tireless drive, uncommon spirit and ambitious goals. 
United in efforts through more than 44,000 individual clubs in 192 nations around the world,
Lions Clubs International is a strong organization with a proud history of accomplishment.Today, with more than 1.4 million men and women members in more than 180 countries, Lions have expanded their focus to help meet the ever-increasing needs of our global community.
We provide millions of dollars of support to an extensive international program dedicated to eradicating preventable blindness; we finance vocational training to help the world’s underprivileged and disabled gain economic independence; we sponsor drug awareness and education programs for youths around the world; and more.
Our faces and our programs may have changed to meet new needs and greater demands, but our mission has never wavered: “We Serve.”
And, we continue to serve in ways that have made us a global leader in humanitarian assistance, community welfare and promotion of international understanding.


Massachusetts Multiple District 33 is made up of five separate Lions Districts. Each District has between 30 and 60 Lions Clubs

Below are the website links to the individual Lions Districts of Massachusetts. Click the link to view the website